Due to the storms & tornado damage yesterday we have 100’s of animals lost and some have already been found.

We will be posting where the animals are being housed as they are found.

Also see our FB page    https://www.facebook.com/FriendsOfRowlettAnimals/

If you have been effected by the tornado and need assistance for your pets, please stop by the Rowlett Animal Shelter for supplies. They are located at 4402 Industrial Blvd, Rowlett, TX 75088. The shelter will be open Sunday night until 9PM and will be open again Monday morning at 8 AM.

Rowlett Animal Shelter   4402 Industrial St. Rowlett, TX  75088 972-412-6219 

If you have FOUND an animal, please call it in to the Rowlett Animal Shelter 972.412.6219 OR take it to the shelter 4402 Industrial St, 75088.

There are many places offering to house animals, but we fear that many owners will not be able to reclaim their pets in the confusion.

Dogs on Stray Hold    Dogs Available for Adoption

Cats on Stray Hold    Cats Available for Adoption

Found Animals at different locations

Lost animals postings


Lost your Dog or Cat ?

Rowlett Animal Shelter   4402 Industrial St. Rowlett, TX  75088   972-412-6219

 Our pets depend on us to keep them safe, let’s not let them down!