Help us save them.

Sometimes the local shelter is full. Sometimes a cat has medical needs. Sometimes a pet needs socialization. This is where fosters make all the difference.

Fosters provide a safe and loving home where cats and dogs can be cared for until they are able to be placed for adoption. Without foster homes, many of these pets might not get the medical treatment they need. Even worse, some may face euthanasia if the shelter becomes overcrowded.

Fostering is a labor of love. You take these pets into your home and treat them as your own until they are ready to be adopted out. You provide them a safe place where they can relax and learn to trust again. 

Kittens in a wicker basket

When you become a foster, you have a say in which dog or cat you will work with based upon your unique situation. For example, do you have space available to quarantine a sick dog or cat? Do you stay at home and have time to bottle feed kittens or puppies every three hours?  Do you have a special place in your heart for the older pets who aren’t very active, or do you enjoy the crazy kitten or puppy shenanigans of the 8-12 week old crowd? Are you able to foster pets needing long term care or do you prefer to only help with short term placements? Either is fine and both are needed.

If you love pets and have room for 4 more paws in your home, then consider being a foster. The need is great, and the rewards are huge.


Several Options for Fostering a Homeless Pet

FRAs operates a cat rescue for cats/kittens from the shelter or local community.  Foster homes are needed until they are ready to be adopted at one of our PetSmart locations.  FRAs covers the cost of authorized medical care for your foster animals.

Rowlett Animal Services offers foster or foster to adopt arrangements for any of the animals at their shelter.  Even animals that have just come into the shelter are typically available to foster due to space constraints.

Garland Animal Services needs fosters for animals with medical needs, underage kittens, dogs that are scheduled to go on transport, and long term dogs who need a breatk from the shelter.  Veterinary care is provided by the on-site medical team.

Other ways to help

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Adult Torbie and White DSH cat

Trap, Neuter, Return