Finding a new home for your pet.

While we do not have the resources to take your pet in, we can help market your pet on our Facebook page and in the various Pet Portals like Adopt-a-Pet. This is called a Courtesy Post. You would continue to have your pet at home, but the public would be able to review the photos and information while looking for their pawfect pet!

We must have all the information below in ONE email so that we can expedite your request to market your pet. Please send to

Required Information to Send

1. Pictures

We need 3 pictures of your pet – full face, full-body, and an interactive one (with toys or the family).

SIZE REQUIREMENTS: Please use 8M (3264×2448) or larger. Small pictures do not show well. Try to take pictures outside in the sunshine if possible OR a well-lit room. Get on the level with your pet, pictures taken from above almost always do not look appealing.

2. A bio of your pet describing its personality and quirks


Rocky’s human needs to know that he is still healing and will have some issues with groomers that he doesn’t know. He is happy in his own skin and hopes that his human will accept him as his scruffy self. Once bonded with his human, he doesn’t mind a bath and a trim from his human. He likes walks and that helps keep his nails filed because he may or may not let someone trim them. His human needs to know that’s okay. He is who he is. He’s worth it.

Once comfortable in his surroundings, Rocky becomes frisky and likes to play with squeaky toys. He loves to jump in his human’s lap for snuggles. Rocky asks that he have access to a computer from time to time for animal videos and if you have a doggie door he will use it to go outside but may need your help reminding him to use it to come back inside. He likes to assist in mowing the lawn by trying to bite the tires of the lawnmower but who doesn’t?

3. Paperwork

Please scan complete vet records


Name, breed, color, age or birthday, and gender. Are they sterilized, current on vaccinations, or microchipped?

4. Contact Information

Best contact phone number and email address.

We want to be as efficient as possible in helping with the rehoming of your pet, so please follow the directions above. We cannot market your pet without ALL of the information in one email.  Your contact information will be included with the pet’s information. It is your responsibility to respond to potential adopters. Also, we must be kept up to date once you have been successful. If we receive inquiries saying that you are non-responsive, and we cannot get a hold of you after a week, we will remove your pet from our Courtesy Posts.

Additional Resources

• The option to list your animal on their site for the public to view.
• Resources for spay/neuter clinics.
• Options for breed specific rescues.
• Tips on promoting your animal with their “best paw forward”.
• The option to list your animal on their site for the public to view.
• Financial assistance resources.
• Finding pet-friendly housing.
• Help with specific dog/cat behavior issues.
• Helps pet owners find permanent or temporary homes.
• Easy to use and interactive.
• Allows for you to talk with potential adopters or fosterers in detail about the pet.


Need help with vetting?