Introducing a New Cat to your household cats

Wow, I was going to write up a Quick How To article but there is no easy, quick method that works for all cats and households. So here are a few interesting links on the subject!


ASPCA Article   –   Introducing Your Cat to a New Cat

How to Manage Introductions

Step 1: Controlling First Impressions

The first impression a new cat makes when she meets your resident cat is critical. If two cats display aggression during their first meeting, this may set the mood for their future relationship. For this reason, it’s best to separate your resident cat from your new cat when you first bring her home so that you can control their initial meeting.

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Petfinder Article   –  Simple Tips for Introducing Two Cats

Throwing two cats into one environment without proper consideration of their positions is just asking for trouble. But, with a carefully planned introduction, cats can ease into accepting one another and may just become life long pals.

Read the full article here    on Petfinder by Caroline Golon, guest contributor