Choosing your new dog

Thinking about adding a wonderful shelter or rescue dog to your family?

Be sure to do your research before choosing your new dog.

  Here are a few links to articles and guided to help you choose your new shelter pet.

Petfinder Tips Excerpt from article At the Shelter: Choosing the Right DogThe shelter visit Although it’s best to avoid preconceptions about what model of dog you are looking for, Sternberg advises that it is very important to know what to look for behaviorally. ‘A high level of sociability will contribute more to a dog’s success in a home than any other trait, Sternberg says. ‘Overall, be looking for a dog that really likes people and wants to be with them, who is affectionate, congenial, and bonds easily and strongly. These are the dogs who are most fun, and the least worry to live with.Stand firm on this behavior criteria as you progress through Sternberg’s 12-step program for adoption success:
Purina help guide Consider your lifestyle and determine the size, temperament, and grooming and exercise needs of a dog that would work best for you. If you’re an active family, you may opt for a high-energy dog. Or, if you live in an apartment or small house, perhaps you’d prefer a small dog. Do you have the time and money to devote to grooming your new dog? If not, a wash-and-wear dog may be best.Families with children should select a breed appropriate for their children’s ages. For example, rambunctious children may be too active for a toy dog, and small children may become underfoot of a giant breed. In any case, families with children will likely want an intelligent, patient dog that is obedient and can be easily trained.Regardless of your lifestyle, the best dogs for families are breeds known for being loyal, loving companions. Some families also look for dogs with natural protection or guarding instincts.
IAMS Breed Selector tool From large and quiet to small and rambunctious – dogs come in every shape, size, and temperament. So get ready to make the process of finding a new four-legged friend a little easier by using our dog breed selector tool.
Eukanuba BreedMatch Learn about hundreds of dog breeds and their history, temperaments, standards, and special needs.
AKC  Finding the right breed 

Every dog has a distinct personality based on its breed. With 175 AKC-recognized breeds to choose from, doing your research is essential to finding the right breed for your lifestyle and a lifetime of happiness!

Learn about a breed’s temperament, size, grooming style and exercise needs.