Basic Training Tips & Links

Praise, not punishment, is the key to a well behaved pet.

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Teaching a reliable recall from “The Whole Dog Journal

Teaching happy recalls
We’ve raised the standard since those obedience days some 30-plus years ago. Nowadays we want recalls that are not just reliable, but that are happy and fast as well. We want dogs who come because they want to and love it, not because they have to.

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A solid recall is a valuable behavior for ALL dogs.


Here are some links to Local Training for OBEDIENCE sites:

Top Dog Dallas Obedience & Flyball 

Basic Beginners Obedience Class

Heel (Walk on a Loose Leash),  Sit – Down – Stay

Recalls (Come When Called), Socialization – Door Etiquette (Not to run out the door) 

Quiet Time I & Quiet Time II (These hands-on hands-off exercises teach owners how to calm and manage their pets along with a well instructed understanding of each)



Fun, effective and focused dog training   There’s nothing like the sense of accomplishment that comes with completing dog training and seeing clear-cut results. At PetSmart, our Accredited Pet Training Instructors teach positive reinforcement techniques in a fun, interactive environment. We make dog training school as effective as it is enjoyable, giving you the tools you need to sustain success when your classes are complete.


Petco Positive Dog Training

The Petco Positive Dog Training program offers fun, educational classes in a safe setting that teaches pet parents how dogs think, learn and communicate. They also provide advice on how to encourage and reward your dog’s polite manners in real world situations such as walking through a busy crowd, encountering other leashed dogs during walks and meeting new people. This positive, voluntary and reward-based method promotes a relationship of mutual respect and trust between pet and pet parent.


K-9 University

Our philosophy at K-9 University is simple…..Every dog can benefit from training and every dog deserves training. Proper training can give you the control you need to enjoy your relationship with your dog to the fullest. Nobody wants a dog that is unruly or destructive. We service all of Dallas Texas, including Plano, Frisco, Allen, Richardson, Garland, Mesquite and all surrounding areas!



All Dogs Unleashed  Rockwall  

Our in home dog training Dallas program is perfect for owners who want to be involved in the training. We design the one on one training sessions around your behavior goals & utilize our techniques with you in the comfort of your own home. This Dallas in home dog training program will help you quickly get positive results while educating you on how to effectively maintain this obedience without having to become frustrated at your dog. With the In-Home program we will come to your residence for two lessons, scheduled two weeks apart allowing you to have practice time in-between. In addition to providing private lessons through this program we also offer unlimited follow up for the life of your dog!


Here are some links to Local Training for Agility:

Paws for Applause Dog Agility School

At Paws for Applause Dog Agility School, we offer

• Pre-Agility/Puppy Agility

• Beginner Agility

• Obedience for Agility

• Intermediate Agility

• Advanced Agility


Dallas Dog Sports!

We also offer pre-agility classes (specialized obedience training) and special interest seminars,  clinics, fun matches and sanctioned agility trials.