Witness PURR-tection Program

Helping cats stay undercover for years!

The Barn Cat Program is currently inactive as we are focusing on TNR in Rowlett!


If you are looking for barn cats for your location, please contact:


The Witness PURR-tection Program (Barn Cats) is a way for you to save the lives of feral cats since the City of Rowlett does not adopt out feral cats.

We deliver the cats to the barn along with a cat crate-home including a litter box, blanket, water bowls, and a travel crate for them to hide in. A minimum of 36″x23″x25″ space with a clear pathway to setup area is needed and each set of cats will get their own crate-home. The crate-home stays up for a total of 4 weeks, after 2 weeks you can release your cats as that’s about how long it takes for the cats to realize this is now their home. When you open the crate after 2 weeks you will let them explore. Keep putting their food and water in the open crate-home, but cut the amount to about 1/2 of what you were giving them. This will encourage them to mouse. We will contact you to arrange for pick-up the crate-home after 1 month of delivery.

Barn Cat Request Form

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We cannot guarantee the sex of cats you receive; since they are feral we are not able to handle the cats to sex them, because of limited space and tight scheduling, we cannot hold until your preferred sex comes in. You are responsible for a safe place for the cats to stay, litter, food, and veterinary care (when needed).
This is a free program, however, distances of 50 miles will need a donation for our program due to costs for delivery and pickup. Please fill out the form if you are interested in adopting/rescuing a cat to live in your space. You can also email us with the information requested at info@friendsofrowlettanimals.org.