Adopting a FIV positive cat

Here is some useful information I found on FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus).

  • FIV cannot be transmitted from cat to human, only from cat to cat.
  • FIV is mainly passed from cat to cat through bite wounds.  Outdoor free-roaming cats will get into fights, so this is another good reason to keep your cat inside!
  • Another, less common mode of transmission is from an FIV-infected mother cat to her kitten.
  • FIV does not seem to be commonly spread through sharing food bowls and litter boxes, social grooming, sneezing and other casual modes of contact.
  • Cats can carry the FIV virus for a long time before symptoms appear and does not invariably develop in all infected cats.
  • Watch for changes in your cat’s health and behavior. Immediately report any health concerns to your vet.

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Please Spay/Neuter your pet

 In addition to the many health benefits, spaying or neutering your cat ensures that he or she won’t contribute to the feline overpopulation problem. Each year, millions of homeless cats are euthanized or end up in shelters due to a lack of good homes.


Edited by:  Mark Kmieciak volunteer with Friends of Rowlett Animals